Wilbraham’s repair shop remains strong after 30 years

Wilbraham, Mass. – “If there is a power cord, we will fix it!” This is the state of mind that POST Computer Systems has maintained for 30 years.

The computer repair service in Wilbraham offers its customers options such as pickup and delivery, on-site repairs, and even the sale of refurbished items.

What do you want to know

  • POST Computer Systems is a small computer repair company in Wilbraham
  • The store has been around for 30 years
  • They offer pickup and delivery, on-site services, as well as selling refurbished items.
  • Part of the reason the store remains relevant is that fixing old electronics can save people money.

On Tuesday, service coordinator Scott Lorange was working on a failed hard drive.

“He was making noise,” Lorange said. “Boot was freezing so I’m just making sure that right now there’s no malware, no software installed that would interfere with the operation of the machine.”

While some choose to upgrade technology rather than repair what they have, the repair industry remains busy.

Owner and partner Aristeo Torres said inflation had impacted his business and more customers were asking for discounts on services. He said another challenge they face is being able to meet all the requests they receive from customers.

“One of the challenges that we face and we do it graciously,” Torres said, “is that a customer will bring us an eight-year-old machine that the industry said should have disappeared four years ago. years. But the customer will be like, ‘How do I make it work?'”

Lorange said part of the reason the store remains relevant is that fixing old electronics can save people money.

He estimates that today’s hard drive repair saved a customer over $1,000 compared to buying new equipment.

“Very often, in fact most of the time, we get an older machine,” Lorange said. “And they decide to do a repair, and we send it back to them faster than it was, in better condition, cleaned.”

Daniel C. Williams