Who’s Who: Abdulrahman Al-Absi, Director of Media and Corporate Communications at the Saudi Falcons Club

JEDDAH: Visitors to Jeddah Season are excited about the City Walk area, which is open with nine villages to suit all tastes and age groups: The Entry Village, Food Hall, Fashion Village, Splash, Horror Village, Jeddah Live , Adventure, Waterfall and Anime Village.

The entrance village and most of the City Walk are steampunk themed.

The Food Hall offers international dishes ranging from Los Angeles-based Top Round and Italy-themed Prince of Venice Pasta and Pizza to Hong Kong Butter’s Pastry.

The Fashion Village features international and local brands, as well as a live graffiti station where artists can paint on the wall together. It also has a DJ station with famous DJs playing music on a premium sound system for an unforgettable experience.

The work of world-renowned artist Sara Shakeel “Majlistic”, showcasing Saudi culture and historical traditions, will also be showcased at the Fashion Village.

Saudi visitor Abdullah Al-Thumani, 22, said the area was a completely new experience for residents of Jeddah.

“It’s a very special experience. I attended Riyadh season, and it really matches what I experienced in Riyadh,” he told Arab News.

“I liked Fashion Village the most because they have items you can’t find in regular stores,” he added.

Russian performer Uliana Averina said, “I came with a band from Russia and we are performing here at this festival in Jeddah. We are happy to be here and to participate in such a great event because everything here is really well done and beautiful

“I see how happy people are here and we love interacting with them,” she added.

The performer said she appreciated the warm interaction from the Saudi audience.

“People here are very open and they approach you first to interact with you. Even kids come up to us and want to give us a high five. It’s so nice,” she said.

Splash is a water village that has everything from water guns and a water drum show to rides and rafting.

The Horror Village is for fans of all things scary. Brave visitors can enjoy abandoned houses, escape rooms, interactive ghost-themed exhibits and more.

Jeddah Live takes visitors into the world of performance, with international and Arab theater shows such as “Bikhosoos Ba’ad Al-Nas” (“About Some People”), featuring some of the biggest names in the Kingdom television, such as Nasser Al-Qassabi. .

It also includes a karaoke cube, the “Hot Wheels” car and motorcycle show, and Slime Planet for kid-friendly fun.

Adventure is for adrenaline junkies, with a 150m high hot air balloon ride, bungee jumping, ferris wheel and more, while the Anime Village hosts over 300 events including concerts with Japanese groups.

The annual Jeddah Season festival aims to showcase the city’s rich heritage and culture through a total of 2,800 activities across nine zones during the event period.

Organized under the slogan “Our Lovely Days”, the second Jeddah Season follows the success of Riyadh Season, which recorded more than 15 million visits in five months.

The festival season offers 70 interactive experiences, over 60 recreational activities, seven Arabic and two international plays, marine events, a circus, four international exhibitions and a host of other services for families.

Daniel C. Williams