What time do most Filipinos shop online? The report reveals the results

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A person is browsing an online shopping portal. (Pixabay/Hannes Edinger)

Who is guilty of online shopping at night?

It turns out you’re not alone. A study found that most Filipinos make digital purchases at night.

Online shoppers were most active from 7 p.m. and online transactions peaked at 9 p.m., meta-search platform iPrice recent report noted.

Filipinos have also become midnight shoppers.

Compared to 2018 data, the number of transactions made at midnight today is almost three times higher.

Changes in shopping habits of Filipino consumers are heavily influenced by the shift to mobile e-commerce, iPrice noted.

According to the e-commerce aggregator, among the factors that have contributed to consumer confidence in buying products online are the rapid deployment of mobile broadband and affordable mobile devices, the optimization of e-commerce websites for mobile browsers and investment in online retailer marketing campaigns.

In the first part of the report released in June, the e-commerce company found that mobile purchases in the Philippines grew twice as much as those using desktop computers. He also noted aggressive mobile adoption in the rest of Southeast Asia, with the exception of Vietnam.

Despite the evolution in the use of mobile devices when shopping online, Filipinos still use a desktop computer to buy expensive goods.

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“The average basket size is 86% higher for purchases on desktop compared to mobile devices in most SEA markets,” the report said.

“While mobile is an attractive option for online shopping, desktop still retains an advantage over handheld devices when it comes to researching — and committing to purchase — more expensive items,” said the Malaysia-based e-commerce platform.

Daniel C. Williams