The Repair Shop viewers in tears after heartbreaking moment after amazing fix

Nicky Morris

The repair shop aired another harrowing episode Wednesday night with a stunning fix that left viewers sobbing.

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Jay Blades and his team of experts welcomed sisters Fredericka and Louisa Charles to the barn with a 1960s radiogram that belonged to their parents.

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The siblings explained that their parents were part of the Windrush generation and the beloved radiogram was one of their first purchases after arriving in the UK from Dominica in the Caribbean.

“Iit was a room my dad and mum mainly used on Sundays because it was the big social day. Uncles and aunts came, we had lunch and we put on music,” explains Louisa.

Fredericka added: “It’s a bit of a treasure. Over the years after mum’s passing things have changed a lot and maybe it’s dwindled a bit so there wasn’t the same amount of people because that’s what Mom arranged.

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“After our dad passed away in 2013, when the family would get together, we would play some dad tunes on it, and then about three years ago it stopped.”

Fredericka was overwhelmed with emotion after seeing the stunning repair

Electronics expert Mark Stuckey got to work on the machines while upholstery genius Sonnaz Nooranvary replaced the torn fabric panel.

The sisters broke down in tears when experts revealed the amazing solution and even played one of their parents’ favorite songs on the radiogram, Nat King Cole’s Mona Lisa.

Viewers were impressed with the stunning repair

Viewers took to Twitter to comment on the touching moment, with one person writing, “I’m not crying watching these sisters listen to Nat King Cole on this radiogram. Definitely not,” while another added: “And if you’re out of shape at the opening bars of Nat King Cole’s Mona Lisa, then you’ve got no heart..”

A third fan commented, “Eeeee…another episode of #therepairshop causing a lot of tears,” while another added: “Just have the weekly sob at #therepairshop. This week, the record player AND the fire truck do it for me.”

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