The repair shop has viewers in tears as a 12-year-old boy shares heartwarming memories of his father

A grandmother and grandson appearance on BBC One’s The Repair Shop saw viewers praise and respect for the duo, after leaving some people in tears. Heather McPherson took her 12-year-old grandson Jacob to fix their dilapidated family table.

The table was thought to have been made in Victorian times, showing its age, wear over the years. Speaking about the story behind the table, Heather explained how much the table meant to her. She said: “It’s always been in my life.

“It was the family table when my children – Jacob’s father and his aunt – were growing up. Because it’s a kitchen table, the conversations we had around it, you know, first boyfriends, first girlfriends, we would just sit across the kitchen table and discuss things.

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“I can’t tell you how many tears this table has had on it. Lots of laughs too.”

Jacob said: “I have memories of me and Dad being around him. I remember having meals with him. I remember doing arts and crafts. I just remember being with my father around the table.”

It turns out that Jacob’s father died after being involved in a car accident. Jacob was six years old at the time. Heather said of her grandson, “He’s been so brave. He amazes me every day.”

Restaurateur and furniture presenter Jay Blades MBE, 52, said: ‘Most of the time you knew him, he was around the table, doing stuff together?

Jacob replied, “Normally we would have Sunday dinner which was my dad’s favorite dinner, roast chicken. I remember eating it every time.”

The table was brought in due to its unstable nature, for which Heather and Jacob were hoping to get help from the repair shop crew. Jacob said: “Every time I sit down at the table I feel like my dad is with me.

“And that every time I laugh, he’s somewhere laughing with me and sharing the joy of being with my family. It’s kind of nice.”

Blades described Jacob as “brave”, “inspiring” and the team got to work on the unstable and rickety table. After extensive repairs, the table was unveiled to Jacob who said the table was “incredible”.

Heather said, “It’s never looked so good. Ever.”

Jacob said, “It doesn’t look like the rickety thing it used to be anymore. Thank you so much!”

Viewers were quick to react to the show on social media.

@LeslieMilnes said: “The table was beautiful, sweet little boy.”

@MRabess said: “Jacob’s reaction to seeing the table repaired was invaluable. Great job.”

@ClaretAndBloos said: “What a lovely, smart, polite young boy Jacob is on #TheRepairShop. His mum must be so proud.”

@Maxaretunit said: “Who’s crying then? Admit it!”

@BListAtCapital said: “Crying on a table. #TheRepairShop”

@Yantofullpelt33 posted a crying emoji and wrote, “An old kitchen table but any old kitchen table.”

Rebecca Jones @rebeccajones932 said, “No matter how many times I cover #TheRepairShop for work, I always end up sobbing at my desk. Too much!”

@CelticBob1967 said: “These people on #therepairshop are such brilliant and talented artisans/women. Amazing!!!”

@RiscaCCS_Head said: “Another fantastic episode of #therepairshop. Amazing and moving stories, amazing people and brilliant restoration of very special things. This table!

@Dori_J said: “Always such a warm fuzzy feeling watching this program.”

Daniel C. Williams