The repair service for all torn or torn technical suits

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Do you have a torn or torn tech suit or are the seams of your tech suit starting to corrode? Then the repair service offers the ultimate solution for you. The repair service focuses on racing suits and repairs technical suits of all brands. Every tear, seam and tear, big or small, can be perfectly repaired according to the original production methods. This service is provided exclusively by

Do you have a repair? And do you struggle with international shipping restrictions? Here is our solution to easily ship your torn racing suit to the repair service:

Here is a step-by-step shipping plan on how to easily send your torn wetsuit to the repair service in the Netherlands:

  • Accidentally ripped your big or small racing suit? Or do you notice corroded seams?
  • Go to Robsport Repair Service
  • Download and complete the repair form for your specific racing suit (open knee or closed back, jammer or suit).
  • Please specifically indicate the tear in your racing suit, as only the indications on the repair form will be corrected.

  • On the Robsport repair service page you will find the price list for repairs (please note that you only pay the repair costs when you receive an invoice from the repair service by e-mail).
  • Pack your racing suit and send it to our forwarding address, domestic shipping costs only (from you to our forwarding address in the United States or Canada is your responsibility).

  • When the repair service receives your torn racing suit, they will calculate the repair costs and send you an invoice.
  • If you accept your offer and after payment, we will repair your wetsuit and ship it back to you within 10 days or 3 days depending on whether it is an express repair.

Are you interested in this opportunity to become a reseller for this exclusive repair service for your region? Email us with more information about your store and website. The benefits for your business of participating are:

  • You are accessible to the swimming community. It is a service much requested by all swimmers and which could help them a lot;
  • Sustainability is a key factor for the growth of your business, now and even more in the future;
  • The repair of all kinds of brands, so the service is not limited to the brand;
  • YesYou will receive a referral on our repair page and in our infomercials;
  • The most important: very satisfied and happy swimmers!

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