Social media ranks number one in parents’ top safety concerns

Anything connected to the internet – from smartphones to power plant controllers – can be manipulated. — Photo: © Manan Vatsyayana/AFP/Getty Images

Recently compiled data that shows that social media safety is the number one concern for parents, due to the lack of internet regulation for their children. This is according to’s’Parenthood in America Report‘.

The report examines safety concerns and parental decisions about the use of digital technology. Despite the title of the report, the focus is on parents in the United States

Data shows that parents are more concerned about their child’s digital safety than their physical safety. It’s because of increased online security risks which include: encounters with child predators, cyberbullying and exposure to inappropriate content.

In terms of what parents are most concerned about, the report states:

1. Internet/Social Media (70%)

2. Safer sex (adolescents only) (62%)

3. Autonomy of the body (61%)

4. Automotive Safety (60%)

5. Bullying (59%)

Although there are different parenting styles, the average American parent can generally be expected to want to do what they consider best for their child’s physical and emotional well-being.

With advances in modern communications, it can be difficult for some parents to know where to start and what to do to protect their children.

To help Digital diary readers, has provided some best practice advice:

Configure Parental Controls

Use online safety tools and features that will provide protection and control over your child’s online activities.

Talk to your kids about their online activity

Talk to your child about what you think is appropriate and ask them what sites they visit or apps they use and watch them together.

Protect their privacy

Make sure they are aware of the risk of personal information or images being made public once they post them.

Keep track of online time and device visibility

Monitor your child’s screen time and make sure their device is in a central area of ​​the home.

These ideas can be used to help address the concerns of parents in the modern age.

Daniel C. Williams