‘Restain from going to the media’: BJP central leadership warns West Bengal MP Dilip Ghosh | West Bengal News

Kolkata: The central leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has warned its MP from West Bengal Dilip Ghosh and asked him not to express his opinion about his colleagues in the media.

According to ANI news agency, BJP National General Secretary Arun Singh wrote to Ghosh asking him to “refrain from going to the media or any public forum” about his colleagues, whether either in the state of West Bengal or elsewhere.

Explaining the reasons to Ghosh, Arun Singh said his habit of public speaking has “angstified” state party leaders and also caused “embarrassment” to the central leadership. According to the letter, the MP has already been warned to be careful in his dealings with the media.

The letter written by Arun Singh states: “This has been repeatedly brought to your attention by the party leadership in the hope that you will take notice. In a recent interview, your comments in the electronic media and possibly on other Other forums have been openly critical of senior state officials, and such comments will only hurt and harm the party and negate your own hard work in the past.

“Such statements from a person of your stature, a National Vice President, can create deep disaffection, unrest and alienation among party ranks which, given the standards of political behavior and conduct, “is unacceptable. The BJP national leadership is deeply concerned about the publication of such statements through the media,” the letter continued.

The letter was published on the instructions of the National Chairman of the Bharatiya Janata Party, JP Nadda. The BJP Central leadership has asked the MP for Medinipur “to be more discreet in his dealings with print, broadcast, other media or any other public forum.”

Daniel C. Williams