New fuel distribution system installed at NIA garage and repair shop

New fuel dispensing system installed at Nevis Island Administration Public Works Garage and Machinery Repair Shop in Prospect (August 12, 2022)

By: (NIA)Press release

    NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (August 17, 2022) — The Nevis Island Authority (NIA) Department of Public Works has installed a new dispensing system at the government service station, intended to make the process of refueling vehicles safer and more efficient.

    The facility, located in the Public Works Garage and Machinery Repair Shop in Prospect, provides fuel for vehicles and heavy equipment owned by government and statutory bodies.

    Hon. Spencer Brand, NIA Public Works Minister, explained that in conjunction with the change in fuel supplier, the government took the opportunity to upgrade the facility.

    “When I became Minister responsible for Public Works, one of the things I recognized was the kind of loose arrangement I saw here at the Department of Public Works when it came to fuel. We would have started a tender process with the two fuel suppliers here on the island of Nevis, Sol [EC Ltd] and delta [Petroleum St. Kitts Ltd]and at the end of that process, Sol would have provided the government with a proposal that we felt was much more acceptable to the people of Nevis, so we would have embarked on this project.

    “I believe that ultimately my goal and that of the government was to provide greater security at the public works distribution station here in Prospect. I am also pleased to see that the workers handling the fuel will not only feel much safer, but will now be able to do their jobs much more efficiently. I also believe there will be greater responsibility for the fuel that is distributed here at the government repair shop,” he said.

    He said he was satisfied with the improvements made to the establishment.

    “I am indeed very satisfied with the practical realization of this project. I would like to thank my Cabinet colleagues who have supported this initiative and thank you to the Director [of Public Works] who supervised this project. I also want to say thank you to Sol; I know they had some difficulty with this project due to shipping materials due to COVID, but we are pleased that they were able to deliver on time, on budget and at a level that we acceptable to the people of Nevis. ”

    Mr Jevon Williams, director of public works, said the department embarked on the project in April 2022 to upgrade the service station. He gave an overview of the work that has been done.

    “We have been using the new fuel delivery system for a few weeks. It is practically finished; there’s some minor work to do to get it up to 100%, but it’s in full operation as we speak.

    “The work done here has been tremendous. It included the installation of the new fuel distribution unit with all new electrical and pumping system, and a canopy was built over the fuel pump. All pumps and the electrical system have been placed underground. A new security system was added to the design and a new 6,000 gallon fuel tank was fitted. It is a split tank that can store both diesel and gasoline,” he informed.

    Mr. Samuel James, supervisor at the refueling station, said the new system is already proving beneficial in terms of the efficiency and accountability of the refueling process.

    “The experience so far is good as it is a digital dispenser and thanks to what we have been able to put in place, we are able to dispense fuel as efficiently as possible and minimize errors. We now have a canopy over the unit which provides shade and shelter from the rain when people are refueling. This is something that has been well thought out by the government,” he said. he declares.

    The NIA also constructed a new concrete building at the facility that will serve as a welding and repair shop. Mr Williams said the building will soon be outfitted with new equipment in addition to existing ones to provide a safer workspace for repair shop workers.


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Daniel C. Williams