Midnight fire destroys multi-million naira electronics store in Kogi


Another tragedy struck Lokoja, the capital of Kogi state, on Friday evening as a fire completely wiped out a multi-million naira electronic store called Peelinks.

The sad incident comes two days after as many as 23 people were burned to death in an oil tanker explosion along the Felele / Lokoja / Abuja highway.

Eyewitnesses told DAILY POST on Saturday morning that the electronics store was destroyed by fire at around 11:50 p.m. Friday as many residents watched helplessly.

The electronic store is located along Murtala Mohammed Road, near GT Bank Junction, Lokoja.

Owned by business tycoon Peter Onujeme, the store was burnt down as there was no firefighter or fire engine to put out the blaze.

DAILY POST has also learned that the office of the Federal Fire Service is a few meters from the scene of the incident.

“The whole building was set on fire and goods worth millions were destroyed. What a pity. Someone’s hard-earned investment was completely destroyed by fire and no one or even the constituted authorities were able to come out to save the day. Now the owner has nothing left. What is the function of the state and federal fire departments in Kogi state?

“What is more worrying is the absence of the fire department to help whenever there is a fire. The recent episode is therefore one too many.

“Whenever their services are needed, it’s either they come out with a shaky excuse or the order. Can you imagine, look at the Federal Fire Department, a stone’s throw from this electronics store and this store burned down again without any help from them.

“This situation is ugly because we can remember that two days ago an oil tanker exploded in the same Lokoja, in Kogi State, causing many casualties and many property and now this one is happening again.” , lamented an eyewitness.


Daniel C. Williams

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