Media entrepreneur Asli Daud explains how a poor online reputation can directly impact businesses and lives.

The self-made Indian entrepreneur who has been in the media space for years stresses how essential a great online image is then and now.

Today, every brand and business not only revolves around earning big profits and revenue but also focuses on creating a trustworthy and positive image of theirs to automate the process of getting a incredible name and recognition and ultimately revenue in their respective industries, such is the importance of a great online image in today’s era and day.
The rise of the digital world has further increased the importance of maintaining an excellent online reputation, which has led them to several well-known media entrepreneurs such as Asli Daud. The renowned PR expert and media entrepreneur from Delhi, India, came forward today to talk about the impact of a bad online reputation and how it
can impact businesses and lives.

Especially in the business world, a poor online image can destroy a brand’s reputation, leading to the following impacts it can create on businesses and the lives of entrepreneurs.

Competitors get an advantage: Due to poor branding in the online space and business marketplaces, competitors can make the most of this situation and show the public why they stand out in the marketplaces and why they need to do more to them trust.

Affects personal well-being: Any failure or loss of business due to a hampered online image can have a direct impact on the personal well-being and mental health of an entrepreneur or professional. These failures can have a significant negative impact
mentally and emotionally, which can also affect a person’s ability to think and get out of the situation.

Potential relationships are hampered: A poor online image can also have a negative impact on potential relationships. People use the internet to search for reviews and more, and when they see negative word of mouth, they automatically choose their

Difficulty gaining new customers: A flurry of negative reviews, comments, and conversations about a brand can also make it difficult to win new customers.
Negative brand perception online affects the decision-making process of customers, resulting in the brand losing current customers and not gaining new ones.

Difficulty recruiting: Just as a negative online image affects customers, it also affects potential brand employees. Today, no one would ever want to work or associate with a company that does not have a good image and
online reputation. This makes it even more difficult for brands to recruit new people.

Asli Daud, owner of Asli Media Groupwhich consists of its businesses like Asli Media Partners, BollyDad and Asli Digital Media, cannot stress enough how essential a great and positive online image and reputation is today to achieve maximum momentum and success in n’ any industry.

Daniel C. Williams