Jay Blades teases big news from The Repair Shop

Jay Blades teased The Repair shop’s return and shared behind-the-scenes clips.

In a video on Twitter, the star of the hit BBC1 show shares big news about the brand new series.

Jay promised big things for the new episodes.

Jay Blades teases the return of The Repair Shop (Credit: ITV)

So what does Jay Blades say about the new series from The Repair Shop?

The last time we entered The Repair Shop was for a Platinum Jubilee special in early June, the seventh episode of Season 10.

Viewers were promised five more episodes, but there was radio silence…until today.

With blue skies in the background, Jay films himself in front of the twinkling lights of the repair barn.

He said, “Now here we are, a beautiful summer day, and here we are.”

The camera zooms in on the familiar, illuminated sign announcing “The Repair Shop.”

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He says, “It’s good, isn’t it? I can not complain. Can’t complain.

The new repair shop series

“I can’t let you know what’s going on inside, but all I’m going to tell you is that we have a lot of good stuff for you.

“Just wait and see, wait and see.”

Earlier this year, the BBC confirmed The Repair Shop had been commissioned for a further three years.

I love your show so much.

Jay had previously posted that he had been off work for a week and was glad to be back.

He’s not alone in stirring a return to the world of repairing heirlooms and treasured artifacts.

Viewers were amazed and touched by the past repairs that the show’s craftsmen have repaired, discovering the stories behind the items.

Jay Blades smiles on the red carpet at the event
Jay Blades on the Royal Television Society Awards red carpet. (Splashnews.com)

Their owners cried tears of happiness and were amazed at what can be achieved.

Fans who saw the announcement could hardly contain their excitement

There was a lot of love in the air on social media following Jay’s announcement.

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One of them asked, “When is it Jay, when does it start?” How many episodes? When does it start? Come on Jay, you can’t leave us hanging around like this… (with love heart eyes emoji).

Another said: “I love your show so much, what you and your artisans are doing is amazing.”

And another agreed: “I can’t wait Mr B. The Repair Shop is one of the most watchable shows on TV.”

Watch this space to know when the repair shop will return.

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Daniel C. Williams