Home decor e-commerce brand The June Shop raises undisclosed funds

The June Shop will use the funds acquired to meet the growing needs of the organization, for product innovation, inventory diversification, recruitment, web and application development and to intensify marketing activities | Unsplash

The June Shop, a Kolkata-based design-inspired home decor e-commerce brand, has announced that it has secured an unknown amount of angel investors. The round was led by personal angel investors including Vijay Subramaniam (former Chief Content Officer for Amazon Prime Video, India), Pratik Nahata and Sreekumar Krishnan (Founders, Voxtur Ventures). The angel fund supports start-up entrepreneurs who are building the future through technology.

The June Shop will use the acquired funds to meet the growing needs of the organization, for product innovation, inventory diversification, recruitment, web and application development and to intensify marketing activities.

The brand allows customers to create a personal and modern space. Revamping dull spaces with exciting and modern decor pieces is their motto.

Commenting on the fundraiser, Rishav Nahata, Founder of The June Shop, said, “There is huge untapped potential in the Indian market for functional, design-oriented home décor and accessories. Born to meet this need, the brand has organized several ranges of decorative products. The products are ideal for consumers who prefer fun, high-end and aesthetic elements for their home and beyond. The recently raised funds will also allow us to transform into a more luxurious and premium collection.

Vansikha Nahata, CEO of The June Shop, added, “Our whole team has shown great resilience in building a brand that thrives on the idea of ​​revamping its space with the environment in mind. affordability. The word “June” means youth in Latin, and that’s what we keep in mind when designing our products. Our goal is to energize any space by renovating it with meaningful, beautiful and fresh decorative elements.

In a bid to expand the manufacturing base primarily in India, the brand has incorporated the #MakeinIndia campaign. This created more job opportunities. Global expansion is also on the roadmap with a focus on creating sustainable, state-of-the-art products for every space, whether at home, in the office or in the kitchen. There are a lot of ideas and research going on in selecting unique and functional products for smart homes, the statement adds.

While commenting on his investment decision, Vijay Subramaniam, Former Head of Content for Amazon Prime Video, India said, “I am always delighted to support young entrepreneurs like Rishav and Vansikha who are fueling entrepreneurship in India. The June Shop reflects the sensibility of a generation of independent innovators who, with their creativity and agility, found the opportunity to serve today’s discerning consumers with high quality design and excellent value- price. They were primed and profitable.

Pratik Nahata and the founders of Sreekumar Krishnan, Voxtur Ventures, an angel fund echoed this sentiment and added, “As a platform, we strive to empower entrepreneurs and e-commerce businesses like The June Shop. By extending revenue-based financing, we are trying to catalyze their growth. This D2C platform has a 25% repeat customer return rate with less than 2% unsatisfactory product return rate. »

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Daniel C. Williams