Gang of thieves arrested, cops claim they stole from Lucknow jewelry store

Lucknow Police said they arrested a gang of burglars involved in more than two dozen robberies at jewelry, grocery and electronics stores in the city over the past six months on Saturday, with five people arrested .

Police officials claimed that the same gang had committed the theft of silver and gold jewelry worth more than 15 lakh as well as cash after breaking into a jewelry store in Sarojininagar area on May 24.

At a press conference, Lucknow Central Police Deputy Commissioner Aparana Rajat Kaushik said those arrested were Mohd Asif alias Raju, Shahbaz Khan, Deepak Gupta, Mohd Shahdab alias Ajju and Rakesh Soni, all aged from 21 to 24 years old.

She said they stayed in different parts of town and were roped in by two gang leaders, Rajjan Lal and Mama, who are still at large. She said that these gang members used to do a reconnaissance of the stores in their respective areas first and inform the two gang leaders.

She said that Rajjan Lal and Mama used to pick them up on a fixed day and time in an SUV and drop them at their destination where the store was to be targeted. She said they usually used to pull the shutter using different tools and then commit robberies. She said they have confessed to involvement in no less than two dozen robberies over the past few months.

DCP said the same gang struck the jewelers of Prateek in the locality of Ganganagar, near the village of Amausi, below the boundaries of Sarojininagar police station, on May 24. She said the store owner, Prateek Mishra, informed the police that burglars had vandalized the entire store looking for jewelry and took away around 8.6 kg of silver jewelry and 215 grams of gold jewelry. Plus they took around 18,000 cash from the store checkout.

She said the police had recovered approximately three kilograms of silver and 20 grams of gold as well as approximately 10,000 of their possession.

Daniel C. Williams