Exact time to shop at Dollar General, Target and Walmart to save money revealed

The SHOPPING pros know all the tips and tricks to save the most money.

No matter how many sales you shop or how many coupons you have, you’ll never save as much money as possible by shopping on the right days.


Shopping on certain days can save you more money and give you better optionsCredit: Getty

But when is the best day to shop? Is it when sales start or end? Or on the same date as the new inventory arrives?

It all depends on the store you are shopping in.

The Sun has rounded up the answers to these questions to help you save the most money on your next shopping trip.

Below is what you need to know about Dollar General, Walmart, and Target.

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General dollar

Many TikTokers recommend shopping at Dollar General on Saturdays to use special coupons.

These coupons offer $5 off a $25 purchase. This can be combined with other coupons to maximize your savings.

TikTok user MadCouponingWithMads shared a way to get $25 worth of products for just $5 using this coupon.

She used digital coupons worth $15 after scanning the $5 off $25.

At the end of the transaction, each item rang for about 57 cents.

Target has a general schedule for markdowns in different departments, making it easy to decide when to buy.

According to All Things Target, the clearance schedule is as follows:

  • Monday – Electronics, children’s clothing, baby items, books
  • Tuesday – Women’s Clothing, Pets, Household
  • Wednesday – Men’s clothing, health, beauty, garden
  • Thursday – Household items, toys, sports equipment, travel
  • Friday – Auto, cosmetics, jewelry

Target goes through a few rounds of clearance, first scoring things 30%, then 50%, and finally 70%.

It’s also important to note that the items that receive price reductions vary from store to store, so it’s worth checking different locations.

Stores receive new shipments overnight, so going there in the morning will give you the best options for new inventory.


Like other stores, Walmart doesn’t necessarily have a set timeline for when each store receives new shipments.

But based on everything ShopFood.com has been able to find, it recommends shopping early on Wednesday mornings.

Typically, perishables are replenished overnight. Picking your produce and other fresh foods early in the morning will ensure you get the best selection.

Mid-week shopping offers a less crowded store, which means there are more items to choose from.

Check with your local store for the exact day they receive shipments.

Walmart typically starts sales during the first week of every month, according to Query Sprout.

Shopping from the first to the fifth of the month will give you excellent clearance options.

Don’t forget to check out Walmart’s hidden clearance items by scanning prices through the store app.

These prices are marked down online and in the app before prices are adjusted in store.

Some items may be displayed at full price, but scanning them will tell you if they are on sale.

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Daniel C. Williams