EE repair service extended to 218 sites

UK MNO EE has extended its two-hour in-store repair service for mobile phones to stores across the rest of the UK.

The two-hour in-store repair service was initially launched in Bluewater, Nottingham and Portsmouth in 2020, but has now been extended to 218 of its stores. According to its site, it has 553 stores across the UK, which is around half of the portfolio.

Typical repair times are reportedly 1-2 hours, although in the event of an intermittent failure or a more complex repair being required, the unit can be sent to a nearby support store for next day service or at the main repair center in Kent. Shops can apparently repair cosmetic damage, network calibration functions, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/NFC, battery, display, audio, camera, and software.

“Our lightning-fast in-store repair service means customers can avoid the shame of a broken screen and be back to enjoying summer in hours,” said Bridget Lea, Commercial General Manager at EE. “Choosing to repair, reuse and recycle also means that we are all doing our part to help meet the growing challenge of e-waste.”

EE apparently thinks an explanation is needed as to why you might want to fix your phone if you somehow broke it. So he released a series of stats to go along with the announcement about the increased likelihood of cracking your screen now that the sun is up (a 46% jump apparently), and the devastating effects it could have on your image.

“Those who fail to repair their screens are disadvantaged in a number of areas of life,” warns EE. He also claims, according to a somewhat offbeat survey, that one in six people under the age of 35 would refuse to go on a second date with someone who noticed their cracked screen, while one in 10 would refuse. someone a second job interview.

Serves you well, clumsy.

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Daniel C. Williams