Crack on: EE’s lightning-fast repair service can replace your broken phone screen in just two hours

According to EE research, one in six people under the age of 35 refuse to go on a second date with someone who has a cracked phone screen, while one in 10 would refuse someone a second job interview.

As ridiculously superficial and judgmental as these folks are (as far as they know you smashed your screen rescuing a kitten from a burning building – their undoing), there’s something to be said for how a slab broken glass can make your daily life inconvenient and boring. . And except for slicing your thumbs off with each stroke, many of us gradually put up with cracked screens until it’s time to upgrade. After all, who can live without a smartphone during repairs that usually take at least a few days or more?

Enter EE’s new in-store repair service, which promises to repair some handsets in less than two hours, with others ready for collection the next day. Rolling out nationwide, the service covers broken screens, cosmetic damage, batteries, camera issues and more, and is endorsed by Apple, Google, Huawei and Samsung.

Also available to all non-EE users, costs are either covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or by the customers themselves, and vary depending on the nature of the defect. Covering 72% of the network’s handset range, more obscure handsets that don’t qualify for the fast repair option will need to visit EE’s repair center in Kent.

Still, if you’re using a popular handset like an iPhone or Galaxy flagship and have an all-day crash-prone pub crawl, you can rest assured that any nasty mishaps can likely be resolved before the inevitable visit of the kebab shop at 2 am. .

Daniel C. Williams