British Corner Shop is seeking £500,000 in angel investment to continue its growth

British Corner Shop, the Bristol-based online grocery store for British expats around the world, is looking to raise up to £500,000 in angel investment to support growth.

If you live in Monaco and miss Marmite, or crave California crumpets, the British Corner shop can deliver British favorites straight to your door.

Its website features over 6,000 products from Britain’s most popular brands, helping those who miss quintessential British food, wherever they are in the world.

Via a multi-channel technology model – D2C, Wholesale B2B and through more than 150 marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay and Rakuten – they provide access on a global scale. generating over £14.5m in 2021 revenue from direct-to-consumer sales alone, with hundreds of thousands of customers.

Having built a very complex technology stack to navigate and manage their processes (including Brexit import/export requirements) they have moved into B2B sales, supplying overseas retailers with high demand UK brands that most exporters don’t. can not deliver. This has quickly become a big business in itself, generating £8million in sales for 2021 and building relationships with major UK supermarkets to export their products.

The company has a new distribution center in the EU, creating another significant advantage over competitors with a UK-only infrastructure. They beat their cash forecast for July thanks to excessive trading in e-commerce activity and tight cash flow management.

Daniel C. Williams