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OAK BROOK, Ill. – Bosch, one of the world’s leading technology and service providers, has relaunched its latest network program as the Bosch Automotive Service & Maintenance Module program, which already serves more than 3,000 members.

The company has been providing its customers with value-added repair shop network programs for nearly four decades, now continued by Bosch’s all-new module program. The Independent Repair Shop Program expands access to the company’s network of repair shops, providing benefits complementary to the purchase of $5,000 of company auto parts each year.

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“We wanted to create a network program that would provide opportunities for more independent store owners,” said Jack Ogden, module program manager at Bosch. “After listening carefully to the needs of today’s modern store owner, our network program deploys bespoke Bosch services for new and existing valued members, enabling them to expand their portfolio with the latest tools and training. “

The company’s automotive service and maintenance module program uniquely offers:

• Training packages: Bosch training courses led by industry experts are offered at a discounted rate to keep workshops better informed about products, processes and trends. Trainings include access to 35 webcasts and weeks of live training from coast to coast.

• Repair financing: members are entitled to six months of deferred interest on the Bosch Service credit card. With the Bosch Service Credit Card, members have access to preferential swipe fees, a competitive APR, and more.

• Digital Marketing: Shop owners get discounted access to Bosch’s digital marketing partner, Broadly, which specializes in automated review requests, lead generation, text messaging, contactless payments, and more. ., all designed to increase revenue, while providing meaningful and efficient customer experiences, and seamless onboarding for the store owner.

• Rewards Points Multiplier: Members double their rewards points through the “eXtra Loyalty Program” and can access 1,000,000 reward items to redeem, including merchandise, electronics and travel with thousands of promotional items every day.

“The new Bosch program has great benefits that can add value to many independent repair shops,” said Ben Rogut, Bosch Module program member and owner of 7th Gear Auto Repair in Schaumburg, Illinois. “In addition, the new program is now more inclusive and provides more opportunities for stores. I would recommend any independent store owner to join the program.

“The beauty of the network program is that valued Bosch customers can choose which offerings they want to use whenever it best serves their business,” adds Ogden. “The relaunch of our network program is just the beginning as we continue to expand the benefits and evolve with the needs of our customers.”

Daniel C. Williams