Arc’Teryx Brings In-Store Repair Service to Canada

Arc’Teryx ensures that its products last forever – or at least, a little longer than usual. The brand’s ReBird service is expanding into Canada to offer on-site product assessment, care, education and repair at its Toronto Eaton Center location.

Launched just over a year ago, ReBird is part of Arc’Teryx’s efforts to move towards a more circular ecosystem. The brand plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 65% ​​by 2030. “Our used equipment program, recycling, repairs and maintenance – it’s all under the ReBird umbrella” , said Dominique Showers, Vice President of Recommerce at Arc’teryx. To input last November. “We really stand on the platform of ‘built to last’ and sustainability, so we want to make sure the education is there.”

Modify your Arc’teryx — The Canadian debut of the ReBird brand follows the launch of its first in-person dining service, located at its Broadway store in New York. Inside, existing customers can bring in their outdoor gear to be assessed and repaired on site. Buyers also have the option of purchasing used Arc’teryx products that have been cleaned and repaired. The same services (and more) should be available at the ReBird space in Toronto.


Fabric repairs and hardware replacements – including zippers, pull cords, cord locks, buckles and patches – will be offered at the new restoration location. Customers can replace their old hardware with a new matching counterpart, or choose to personalize their used garments with a range of colorful hardware options.

GORE-TEX waterproof testing is also available for waterproof garments, using the same machines at Arc’Teryx factories to blast water onto garments at 2 PSI. Any product submitted for testing will then be washed, dried and reprocessed with a durable water repellent for a longer (and drier) life.

Product Education, the latest service offered by the Toronto ReBird program, encourages people to take care of their Arc’teryx products — and shows them how. All services, including repair and testing, are complimentary and available to anyone who is an existing Arc’teryx customer. Major repairs that cannot be handled locally will be sent to Arc’Teryx’s Arc’One factory in Vancouver, while the product is under warranty.

Reduce, Reuse, ReBird — “Since opening in fall 2021, our service team in New York has been able to resolve nearly 3/4 of functionally compromised equipment on-site, reducing the impact on turnaround times for our customers” , said Dominique Showers, vice president of ReBird, in a press release. “That’s our goal: to provide clear technical product maintenance training, comprehensive assessments and light repairs that keep equipment in the field longer.”

Shoppers can now visit the Arc’teryx Toronto Eaton Center store to touch up used gear or check out what’s new. Two more Canadian outlets are also planned for later this year – one in the Square One mall and another in the Vaughan Mills Premier Outlet mall – although it’s unclear whether those stores will also offer ReBird services.


Daniel C. Williams