A repair shop is coming to the Cheltenham Science Festival this weekend

For two days only (June 11 and 12), Cheltenham will have its own repair shop.

With the cost of living skyrocketing, it’s not rocket science to realize that if you can repair or reuse, you can save money and take a small step towards a more sustainable society. But how to fix it?

Reinforce u3a Cheltenham, an organization of over 100 interest groups who have teamed up with this year’s Science Festival to organize a Repair Café where you can bring your broken gadgets or worn out jeans and someone will try to fix them.

“We hope that as many people as possible will show up,” said u3a president Janet Ropner. “Many of our members belong to the generation where manufacturing and repairing was simply a way of life.

“People working in the Repair Café are not professionally trained but can turn to a simple repair and will be very happy to help. At u3a we are committed to a more sustainable future and this is a simple demonstration of how which it can be finished.”

Science Festival program director Dr Marieke Navin applauds the chance to address the issue of a single-use approach to everyday products.

“The current global economy of ‘take, break and throw away’ is causing some of today’s toughest problems. We must move away from single use and all products must be designed with intent. to be repaired or recycled.”

Professor Mark Miodownick, a member of the festival’s advisory board, agrees. The UK’s leading materials scientist behind the new ‘Right to Repair’ legislation will be on hand to visit the Repair Café which will be located in the Makers’ Shack on the Festival site in Imperial Gardens.

Don’t miss the latest scientific advances presented throughout the Festival, but for “slow science”, go to the Repair Café.

Electrical repairs will not be carried out, but if you have a small piece of furniture, a valuable toy, a torn item of clothing or a gadget that has gone bad, the Repair Café will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday June 11 and Sunday June. 12th.

Daniel C. Williams