Online Loans, Here Are 5 Types of Loans in Indonesia

Loan funds are always sought after by many people both for productive and consumptive needs. It is undeniable that loan funds will make it easier for them, especially with the advent of OJK online loans. However, not a few also actually produce negative things from loan applications made by those in need.

This can be avoided one of them by looking for OJK loans online. With the supervision of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) it means they have clear and appropriate regulations. Before that, make sure first the type of loan that suits your needs. Therefore, it is important for you to know the types of cash loans in Indonesia.


Unsecured Fund Loans or Unsecured Loans (KTA)

Unsecured Fund Loans or Unsecured Loans (KTA)

This loan is a loan that is usually given by banks to customers without the need to use any collateral. This loan has quite a lot of applicants, because this loan does not require collateral making it easier for those who do need loans quickly and easily.

To be able to apply for this loan, usually the customer is only required to have a credit card from the bank concerned or credit cards from other banks. Prospective borrowers of this type of loan generally apply for loans for consumptive needs such as for living expenses, medical expenses, to children’s school fees.


Cash Fund Loans with Collateral or Multipurpose Loans

Cash Fund Loans with Collateral or Multipurpose Loans

Not only banks can provide loans with collateral, there are also many non-bank financial institutions that can provide loans such as leasing or pawnshops. But what needs to be considered when applying for a loan from a non-bank institution is the collateral or collateral required.

The ceiling of this loan is usually relatively larger than the Loan without Collateral (KTA). The disbursement process is even faster, if the lender gets a guarantee in accordance with the proposed loan. This loan can usually be taken for a variety of needs and needs such as children’s school fees, home renovation or other needs.


Cash Fund Loans for Business Capital

Cash Fund Loans for Business Capital

For you who have a business or business, this type of loan can be one solution. Because in this type there are several special business capital loans available in Indonesia such as People’s Business Credit (KUR) and Ultra Micro Credit (UMi).

KUR has indeed become one of the loans that greatly facilitates micro, small or medium-sized businesses. This credit application must usually include a Trading Business License (SIUP). KUR also has three types, namely KUR Micro, KUR Retail and KUR TKI. Each KUR has the same purpose, the difference is only in the nominal amount given.

As for UMi, the Ultra Micro Credit is a relatively new product, because it was launched in 2017. The use of this loan is not much different from KUR, only a maximum loan that can be received is only $10 million. UMi is also given to those traders or small entrepreneurs who are considered not eligible to get KUR.


OJK Online Loans with KTP


This loan is not much different from KTA, only the main requirements needed are KTP or Identity Card as collateral. The nominal loan that can be obtained is also usually a maximum of $10 million, which is why this loan is useful for emergency needs.

The submission method is relatively easier, because it can be submitted through OJK online loans. in a matter of days the funds needed can be disbursed directly easily. However, what sometimes becomes a problem is because of this convenience that makes the interest charged very high even up to 1% a day.


P2P Lending Cash Loans

P2P Lending Cash Loans

The last is a loan from P2P Lending. P2P Lending or commonly known as Peer to Peer Lending is a platform that connects fund developers (lenders) and borrowers (loan recipients).

These borrowers are, on average, micro entrepreneurs who need capital to develop their business or company operations. These borrowers can easily apply for venture capital loans with a quick and easy process. While the developer of funds (lenders) will receive returns from the funds given to the borrowers.

One of the P2P Lending platforms that provide venture capital loans is Acceleration. Best Bank has a commitment to continue to help improve the national economy by providing capital to develop its business.

Acceleration provides business capital loans ranging from $75 million to $2 billion with flexible terms and collateral as well as competitive interest. If you need a loan to develop a business, Acceleration is the solution.

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